Yaili speaking at DIBI conference

Photo by Adam Perfect

I have spoken at numerous events, big and small, locally and internationally, on topics as varied as pattern libraries, CSS, front end mechanisation, introversion, remote working, team communication, and Lost (yes, that Lost). You can see a list of events I’ve spoken at on Notist.

Developing a good presentation and travelling to events takes a lot of time, so I take on a limited number of speaking invitations each year.

If you’d like me to speak at your event, send me an email with:

  • The event’s name, date and location (brownie points if you include the nearest/most convenient airport/station, and hotel I’m likely to stay in)
  • A link to your event’s code of conduct
  • Which costs you will cover (unless you’re a small, non-profit, local meet-up, I expect that you will cover at least my return travel from London, plus hotel and speaker fee)
  • The topic you have in mind when inviting me to speak, if any; otherwise the reason why you’re inviting me (e.g. on someone’s recommendation, you’ve seen me speak before, etc.)
  • If you expect me to create a brand new talk for your event
  • The duration of the slot
  • The type of attendees that you are expecting (e.g. developers, designers, managers, freelancers, in-house teams, etc.)
  • The type of room I will be presenting in (e.g. a small and cozy room with a small screen and no stage, a grand auditorium with multiple screens, etc.) and expected attendee numbers
  • Whether the talks will be recorded
  • Whether the event is single or multi-track
  • Any additional events you expect me to participate in (e.g. after-party, round-table discussions, Q&As)

Knowing this will give me a better idea of what to expect, and of what is expected of me, and we won’t have to waste time sending emails back and forth only to find out we’re not exactly a match. Most importantly, having these details will also remove a lot of the unknowns that can surround an event experience and that I will stress about — and I’m sure you would rather have a calm and collected speaker. 😊

A selection of my talks

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